Meshes For 3D Printing

Welcome all!

I'll be placing all those meshes i've done over the years here to download and use for free.
I'll be adding things as time goes on.

The modelling community has give much for free over the years in terms of tips, pointers and the like.
This has helped many including me in times past so this is my small way of paying that forward.

Conditions of use:

Download and use of the meshes and are free of monetary charge.

Permission granted to modify the meshes for personal use.

Meshes are provided 'as is' with no guarantees, liability or responsibility on my part for anything untoward happening
to yourself or property in any way, shape or form resulting from their download and use.

I politely request that no profit be made from the meshes and/or prints as individual items.

If the items made from these meshes are part of a finished model that is sold for profit then I have no problem with that.

Sharing of these is allowed and I only ask for named credit to me as to their source if you do so.

I would ask nothing more than credit in the form of my name and/or telling where you got the meshes from
should you show the renders/physical prints on message boards, social media, in print or other means of communication.

Downloading of any meshes implies acceptance of and promise of adherence to the above conditions.

All these were printed on a Form 3 Resin SLA printer but I can give no guarantees on how they will come out on a different make/type of printer.

Enough waffle fer cryin' out loud, mesh pages on the links below.