This monster started life as a one off scratch built
for one customer but as sometimes occurs,
the start doesn't match the finish.
I ended up having to make moulds and so do more than one...
a lot more than one.
This is the first finished one.
The box at the front of the stand holds the batteries.

Update as of 22/03/09

Came across a very old video cassette tape from an old camcorder
from da WAY back when with footage of the first
build of this beastie.

Duly converted to digital, about 7 Meg in size
and lasts just shy of four minutes and here it be!
Just give the player a wee bit of time to line it up.
Of course if your one of them impatient types
then by all means do the right click and 'Save Target As'

it's possible you may also need the latest Divx codec,
which oddly enough can be downloaded from

And of course if all else fails, the YouTube option!