The neck collar for want of a better description was a combo
of epoxy putty for the larger part
then some old thin leather strip
platted in a crossover
fashion then secured at the back with sewing thread.

The...well you can only just about call it a top...
was part of the casting but needed some more additions.
So out with the mini drill, some dressmaking pins,
a short length of brass chain and some burgundy thread.

The pins were cut down to about 10mm lengths
and the cast on stud detail was removed and holes drilled in their place.

Bits of brass chain were cut in 3 link lengths,
threaded on the pins and then pins in afore mentioned holes.

The burgundy thread was then tied on on the bottom links
and threaded through then tied off at the top.
Done deal.

Spare bits of chain were used here and there
for nothing more than a bit of decoration.