Aurora were famous in the old days for taking what I would consider to be
risks that few others would do with bringing out the unusual kits especially the figure ones,
in that area they were way ahead of anyone else and good on 'em I say.
The Knights in Shining Armour were no exception.

Doubtless the purists and collectors will frown at the
changes i've made or even my building such a kit.
Some actually have made vocal mention of this so,
to save time I will state for the record and
repeat what I replied and still do to such comments:

While I draw breath and keep on modeling,
no king of England figure I build, mythical or otherwise,
is going to wear a helmet that looks like
an upturned perfectly polished piss pot
and wield a sword that looks like a
soddin' chrome plated toothpick.

Rant over, on with the show.