First flight was an absolute dream. 5 mins of smooth as glass flying.
She proved to be a maneuverable girl but no combat aerobatics for a first flight.
Second flight, just a enjoyable as the first, one of the instructors even had a go and liked it.
Sadly as she was being brought home there was a complete failure of the control,
no elevator, aileron, rudder or motor control and she continued in a shallow dive right into the deck.

Total write off.

Shame but like I always say, she had flown once and landed in one piece,
proved herself so anything else was a bonus.
Ask any veteran RC flyer, one once said to me he had planes he'd been flying
for years and some that never even completed a first flight.
As a note he said this just after his brand new 6 foot span Spit Mk9
had wiped out completely on it's maiden flight.
Chance you take, end of story.