Lunatic Fringe Belles Of Gotham WiP Page 2
1/6th Scale

Limited Run Resin and White Metal Kit from Lunatic Fringe.

A Not Too Terribly in-Depth Or Technical Kit Review And Build

Part 2

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Face to Face and Eye to Eye

Other figure modelers I can't speak for but to me, the face is usually
the make or break point in any figure I do.
This one being no exception in my book, on we go.

So for the blank canvas so to speak, here we have the two faces in just the grey primer.

So first up was to airbrush the base flesh colour and
apply some ground patel chalks for some shading and toning.
Once done they were both airbrushed with clear acrylic matt to seal the chalks.

The next part was to apply the lip colour.
Settled on bright red for the Cat and wine red for the Bat.
A touch of white to show up the teeth and that was at least that part done.

Next was a coat of matt white to the eyes and once dry,
a line up and soft pencil marks to get the placing for painting the iris and pupils.

Now we are most certainly getting to the nitty gritty so to speak.

Eye colour was decided as follows, green for the Cat, pale blue for the Bat.
For the sake of keeping things simple, we'll concentrate on the Bat.

First a base colour of pale medium blue mixed with some black to make the overall
iris shape then a second coat of the said blue with less black to make a slightly lighter
shade but applied leaving a thin ring of the darker colour at the edge.

Next the main iris colour, some blue with a wee bit of white painted as a thin ring.
Then a pupil of gloss metallic black, it just seems to work better for me than ordinary gloss black.

Once sorted then onto a very thin line of wine red around the eye then
details like lashes and eyebrows painted on with a red/brown mix.

This was applied as a line then built up in an almost drybrush manner.
A small dot of white at the edge of the pupil, a coat of gloss varnish and there we have it.

So not looking too bad so far with both figures,
final stage to get a better idea of the overall look was to do a quick single coat
of matt black around the masks of both figures.
Only then would I have a good idea of whether the paint flingin' fun had worked out to a satisfactory standard.

There may well be the odd little bit of re-touch/re-work of the paintwork here and there
before the whole thing is a done deal but for now,
well I dunno about you but that will just about do it for me!

That's about all for this part, more to follow my friends so stay tuned…

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