Cassini Models Skydiver
from Gerry Andersons' UFO
Resin Kit Review
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Resin, metal mesh, a paint chip...

And The Redoubtable Paperwork

And onward we go gang.
More bits and pieces now.
The wing mounted rocket pods.
All nice enough but again, not without their surface defect problems.

You'll notice in the last pic above that the
rear ends are awash with the air bubble thing
but panic ye not!.
Not a problem really as the engine/rocket nozzles go here and cast as they are
with the little disc on them, will cover the majority of that lot nicely.
Usual lick of filler and sand, you be a done I would think.
Speaking of which, the said bits and the rest of the smaller parts like so.

The flash on the canopy is pretty thin so a touch over with
a nice sharp slicey thing should have it all good in rapid time.

So last bits for this part of the deal.
The mesh, markings and paint colour chip.
Now the markings appear to be very crisply done
plotter cut self adhesive material.
Sort of a simple select, peel and stick where they should be.
A personal preference would have been for waterside decals
meself but some do prefer the self adhesive stuff.
So builders choice for the markings dept.
Or if possible, get thee hence to find the correct dry rubdown font and size and have at it.

One let down is the red ejection and yellow arrow markings.
The cutting on these is badly out of register effectively making them a bit useless.

For anybody familiar with the DiY inkjet decal thing,
replacing these will be of little fuss.
Either that or the spare decal sheet stash, if you have one, could be of help here.

So lastly, the paperwork.
4 pages of here covering text assembly guide,
second page is a pictorial guide of the 'this bit goes her, that bit goes there' doo-dads.
Last two pages are colour printouts of a built up example to use as a painting/marking guide.

The pictures are also available on the Cassini Models web site and are
great to look at even if you don't have the kit.

So that concludes the Sky 1 section of this review.
Page three starts on the Diver section of this here gig.
So get thee hence to the page 3 area and read on if thou dost wisheth like.

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