Cassini Models Skydiver
from Gerry Andersons' UFO
Resin Kit Review
Studio Scale

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Oh hell yeah...

Big Box With Lotsa Bits in it.
What Modelling Hound Don't Like Bit O' Kit Box Spelunking?

And into the Diver section we...dive as it were.
The box with large and small bits therein.

The same sort of deal with the markings as per the Sky 1.
The cutting is crisp and sharp but same problem
with the cutting on the yellow arrow markings.

One bag of smaller cast resin parts.
The two top rear fins and surface detailing parts.
All crisply cast with as near to zero surface defects as far as I can see.

A bag of two different kinds of mesh and brass tubing/wire for the periscope assembly.

And yet another bag with the two lower rear fins and the
bulge section that sits behind the sail/tower.
A little bit of warping on the fine end of that cast part
but a little hairdryer induced heat and a careful nudge will sort that out a treat.
Cast quality is very good on all parts.

Lastly for this page, the two rear engine pods.

Clean hollow casting going on here.
Seam moulding lines are minimal to nonexistent on these bits.
One small air bubble and that's it so on to a winner.

One more page so along to page 4.
Final parts rundown and opinion waffle stuff dontchaknow.

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