Colonial Marines M-577 APC
1/16th Scale

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Well troops and troopettes, back again with just a wee work in progress.
Sometime ago, I built two APC's with the lighting and some upgrades for one client but no interior.
This little turnout is kind of a last of it's breed thing.
That is to say the last APC I will be building from my stock of parts as this is the final lot I have.
So after this, that is officially it so to speak for me building this beastie.

And So, To Business Of A Building Sort

Well This one was had the basic assembly of the body shell done many years ago and has since then just been waiting for a customer.
After all these years one brave soul has appeared so here we do go...

As a note, this is the real deal with everything on it like a full interior and so on plus some additional stuff and why not I say!
May as well pile it on for the final.

So then, the first order of business like the last two was to alter the grille work on the sides and rear plate.
These bits...

So the mesh was ok in general terms but summat more needed here.
Out with the redoubtable whirring at high speed thing and grinder bits.
Some teeth gritting and a cloud of flying resin frag later we got to about what I had in mind.

Time to begin the plasticard hoo-ha don'tchaknow.

Some basic detail behind the mesh plates set up and the larger plate for the rear grilles set up.

Not bad but some fixing up still to be had so into the redoubtable greeblie box, some sliced up plasticard and we get...

Aye, that'll about do for a start.
Just a wee fit test 'fore we go too much further.

Now that is starting to look like it should, some deft or less than deft paintwork to come later.
Just a couple of final bits to chuck into the mix.
A shot of the inside floor pan and a lighting test of a back detail plate.
The only freshly cast resin item and bless the mould for keeping it together and not getting objectionable for having resin chucked in it for the first time in a decade.
Granted that a healthy dose of spray release helped!

And that is duly that for this first page but please feel free to have a wander through the rest.
Assuming you have nothing else interesting to do that is.
Go easy all!

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