Colonial Marines M-577 APC
1/16th Scale

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To paraphrase a Klingon saying...

Today iS A Good Day To Paint!

Just say it with feeling gang, it does work.
Right then, humidity a bit borderline for spray bombing but can't be helped.
So out with a couple of cans of the Tamiya TS-28, much masking and away we do go.
After much paint flinging about the gaff the masking around the grille work and a few other places was removed and this is what we do got.

Took a while because of spraying the bottom, giving it time to cure fully and then hitting the top side but that's life.
Time to migrate to them thar pastel chalks.
Some black was duly ground down on a spare lump of 400 grit paper and the application was done with only a minor amount of teeth gritting.
The main purpose being to shade and a few run weathering streaks here and there.
Just some subtle weathering, going for the used and generally looked after rather than demolition derby look.
After some faffing about, it ended up looking a bit like this...

Once completed, a dusting spray over with some artists fixative to make the pastels stay where they are and behave.
So the next wee bit and completion of the paintwork grunt work was to have a wander over it with some enamel light olive drab.
The black doing the shading bit on most and the light OD was applied very lightly to the edges and corners of the body just to pick out the lines.
A dab or two on detail parts just to pick them out a bit didn't hurt either.
When all dry and stable, final making removal
Here's the result of all that nonsense...

Well not too damn shabby at this point.
So a few final pics, the test fitting of the gun turrets to get an overall impression.

Ooooooooookedoke then.
So last little jobs to do like the stone guards on the front and rear lights and stencil lettering on the front and we be pretty much there.
Wheels are prepped and painted so them to be fitted and all the other joyous things to occur.
All good hair pulling fun when ya think about it really.
I try not to too much...Go easy until next time you lot!

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