Colonial Marines M-577 APC
1/16th Scale

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Kinda flat with lumpy bits...

Wall Panels We Are Talking Here.

Okedoke then people, Some internal wall hoo-ha so here we do go.
Now I had some cast wall parts left over but not enough to do the whole job so to speak so some scratching up of bits and bobs was in order.
Due to some much needed revisions also for this last APC, some changes to the internal layout as well.
Last time there was just two lots of seating, a 4 and 2 set up.
Now expanded to a 4, 4 & 2 deal.

So the basic wall panels set up and fiddled about with and primered, so far we have...
The four seat mid panel opposite the door.

A completely fresh rear wall plate.

The rear right wall/rifle racking.

The scratch built with resin/scratch parts rear left wall/seating plate.

The forward right wall plate.

Drivers seat with wall plates and officers seating.

Now the officers seat goes into a rail like thing as it's supposed to move side to side.
The rail was an old cast part duly drilled out and pinned to the interior floor pan.
A rough test fit for the officers seat.

Now on top of all this, the mould for the display screens has long since vanished.
No biggie as it was the one set up to make a large clear resin block with two 4" fluorescent tubes sunk into it.
Don't forget the first one of these was turned out in 1997, a lot has changed in model lighting since then...
Well things are better with LED's these days so a new and better display screen unit will have to be built, here's the start of that.
The basic parts, the old cast bottom detail plate, a plasticard box with clear plastic internal frames and the beginning of the display screen fascias.

And a sort of an approximation placing.
I know the seat looks wonky but the APC is almost laying on it's side for these shots.
If it wasn't, the panel would fall over, simple as that.

Well still much to do but now we are getting to the detailing nub of the matter.
More to add to the wall panels, then paintwork and so on.
All the panels will be finished items and then installed in the body shell.
The roofing panels will then be dealt with and installed.
A bit of a tricky stage after that, i.e. keeping the interior sealed and clean while the exterior is finished off.
But that fun and frolics will be on another update page.

Go easy all!

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