Colonial Marines M-577 APC
1/16th Scale

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You may have heard of ghosties, ghoulies, long legged beastie's and things that go bump in the night...well...i got...

Metalwork, Decals, A Few Slips Of Styrene And Things That Light Up in The Dark.

Different is it not?
Right then gang, last time it was getting into the wall things and a rebuild for the command screen thingy.
Well I did need some metalwork to go with this so out with the old metal moulds and with the redoubtable melting pot/ladle combo we get this lovely lot!

That's the big top turret runners, rear ladder, top searchlight guard, pulse rifles and smart guns.
The pulse rifles and smart guns are all part of the interior so here we do go.
And with airbrushed polished steel, tiny conventional brush and much teeth gritting, we wind up with this lot.

And yes the pulse rifles are detailed both sides.
When I made the master for these I hadn't yet decided exactly how I was going to fit them into the overall deal.
Like the models, I just made it up as I went along so just as a proof look see.

They are about an inch and a half long or thereabouts.
Not too shabby for summat done in the way back when.

So then, that done...onward!

So one thing that was going to be of need was decals for the interior, the screens and so on.
Well these days making waterslide decals DiY fashion is easy so with some deft screen grabbing/photoshop/paintshop work and an inkjet printer, we get this lot...

So the command screen dept.
After much faffin' about with plasticard, a cast resin plate, some brass wire, several LED's, a fair dab of glue and a lump or twenty of clear styrene, here be the result with the drivers section seat attached.

And this is sorta what it looks like with a battery attached.
Pardon the lens distortion, I know it looks odd, sorry 'bout that.

And then of course, there was much laying on of the dark grey light bleed stopper paint.
And the inevitable battery test.

And on that note, that's it for this page with the so far so good thought.
Outward and onward people!
Go easy all!!

Page 3, odds and sods

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