Colonial Marines M-577 APC
1/16th Scale

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I'm not one for DiY...

But The Walls And Upholstery Gotta Get Done...

Welcome back people!
Okedoke, last time we were starting the wall painting...and we still are.
So out with the enamels and greys-a-plenty drybrushed here there and everywhere and the odd bit of black wash to boot...again.
Some shades of olive green got tossed in for good measure and when done the first coat of black on the seats.
Then would you believe, home brew decal placement a plenty.

Here's the basic results of that shouting and teeth gritting match.

Well for me that sits nicely in the so far so good category.
So then next up is the inside of the big sliding side door.

The command seat.

And just for show and tell, first the smart guns test fitted in their rack...

Last but by no means least, ditto test fitting for the pulse rifles.

So when all paint and decals settled and sorted, time for the matt acrylic varnish and airbrush action ya know!

Then just the little details of paintwork and some wee lights of a fiber optic kind to fit and colour in.
Just about sorted on the command screen panel.

So that wee lot done, time for the frame over the bulkhead lamp on the seating panel.
Oh...and the inevitable but very necessary hold the wires on a battery thingy.

And that's that for this page.
Some more faffin' about with interior walls then we can start getting some of this bad motor scooter together.
But that's for the next page in this ongoing saga, so for now...
Go easy gang!

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