Right then, let's get the largest amount of waffle in this gallery done and over with.
in the dim and distant days of the mid 1980's, two fellows by the names of
ian Bell and David Braben got together and wrote a computer game,
this game was a space trading and combat game known as 'Elite'.
A smash hit this simple but brilliant concept for a game became
and is now legend of the old days of home computer gaming
on machines like the BBC model B and ZX Spectrum to name but two.

The game spawned a few sequels, Frontier Elite ii and Frontier First Encounters.
After much hoo-ha and legal arguments during the whole Elite game and sequel period,
the partnership is no more but the game remains.

Going through a few remakes and fan produced clones of a sort,
it now exists at it's best reincarnation as the rather excellent freeware game 'Oolite'.
Which can be downloaded from here.
Available for the PC, Mac and Linux

And there are a wealth of fan made expansion packs to boot, couldn't ask for more really.
More info on the ships and many aspects of the whole game series
can be found here and the paper models can be found at this site page.

This ship was by and large the standard ship in Elite.
The Cobra Mkiii is the best all round beginners ship as
she's as capable a cargo hauler as she is a combat vessel.
Not the best of both worlds and there may well be better ships in
some folks opinions but this lass was where it all began.
For the curious, this model measures...
30.5" (77.5cms) span.
16.25" (41.3cms) length.
15.5" (39.4cms) height including stand.

A 47 second,5.08 Mb vid of the model and the working lighting
can be found here, or do the right click and 'Save Target As' thing.

You may need the Xvid codec which can be downloaded from right about here.

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