Elite Cobra Mk III
1/48th'ish Scale

Da First Bit

Well not so much a work in progress...more a work in progress
log starting now the build is 75% done.
Sometimes I just get ahead of meself.

Anyway, here's the progress so far but first...
some background history in a severely abbreviated style as
not to bore with too much waffle.

*clears throat*

In the dim and distant days of the mid 1980's,
two fellows by the names of ian Bell and
David Braben got together and wrote a computer game.

This game was a space trading and combat game known as 'Elite'.
A smash hit this simple but brilliant concept for a game
became and is now legend of the old days of home computer gaming
on machines like the BBC model B
and ZX Spectrum to name but two.

The game spawned a few sequels, Frontier Elite ii and Frontier First Encounters.
After much hoo-ha and legal arguments during the whole Elite game and sequel period,
the partnership is no more but the game remains.

Going through a few remakes and fan produced clones of a sort,
It now exists at it's best reincarnation as the rather excellent freeware game 'Oolite'.
Which can be downloaded from here. Available for the PC, Mac and Linux
And there are a wealth of fan made expansion packs to boot.
Couldn't ask for more really.

More info on the ships and many aspects of the whole game series
can be found here
and the paper models can be found at this site page.
It's from the wayback machine archives so may not be there for long, get 'em while ya can gang!

History lesson over and more than a few details missed but if you wanna know
more then get thee hence to Google and search out more info if your interested.
Now the model i'm building is the stalwart of the Elite space ways,
the Cowell and MgRath Cobra Mk III.
Why am I doing this you may or may not ask?... well i'll tell ya anyways.

Because I wanted to and I had to find some use for a 4' x 3'
sheet of 2mm thick clear plastic I wanted to get rid of.
Well the former reasons and the fact I decided I wanted a model of one and
I felt like scratch building summat for a change, my excuses, sticking to them, onward.

The basis for this was nothing more than a small paper model downloaded from a site,
printed poster fashion on my trusty Epson in a 4x4 grid,
taped together, parts cut out and glued to said plastic the cut out and assembled.
No real thought to size and scale, just did it that size and i'll worry about the rest later.

Since all the craft in Elite are simple shapes,
so's this one with mucho plasticard bits and scribed lines here,
there and bloody well everywhere.

Once the main shape was done, wired for lighting and so on,
the nearly whole deal was filled with
expanding foam and just a bit of clearing out to take the cockpit.
The figure is pretty much the only kit part, borrowed from
a 1/48th ground crew kit made by some outfit who's name escapes me.

Strictly speaking and going by what specs are available,
the Cobra is supposed to be 130 feet in wingspan.
The model wound out at just a whisker shy of 30 and a 1/2 inches so
technically it's about 1/51st and change...i won't tell anyone if you don't.

Enough waffle, i'm about 2 weeks shy of finishing at
the time of typing this lot up, on with the pics, enjoy!

Da Second Bit

Ok then, just a few additional shots,
the main plating/surface detailing is done.

Next step will be puttying up in a few areas
and while that's curing off it will be onto the
antennas and armaments of this beastie.

For the record that will be one forward
military grade laser and 4 NN-500 Naval missiles.

More next time on this here page, go easy troops!

AKA Raytheon
...AKA Commander Jim Fallens, Xeer System, Galaxy 1 (2nd Time Around), Wolf MK II, Elite Rated!