Elite Cobra Mk III
1/48th'ish Scale

Da Third Bit

OK then, time for some armaments building.
This bit I stuck together the basics for the Naval grade NN-500 missiles.

We start with the following pic which shows the
raw materials as such, from right to left...

One 11mm and one 13mm plastic tube,
some ordinary biro pen caps and a few plastic nut covers.

The pipe was cut and assembled into the tubes at the upper left.
A small circular plasticard cutout for the missile back plate.
Finally, a length of 2.5mm width half round plastic rod.

The pic below is the parts ready for assembly.
The blue plastic is a cut off pen cap which will stand in
for the missile engine bell for want of a better description.

Some fiddling about and some careful use of glue and...

Some foil tape bits applied then a coat of pearl blue and that's the basis done.
Just gotta do that 3 more times and done.

Well after all that was done, time to turn my attention back to the main model for a spell.
A brisk rub down on any filler,
a wee cleanup here and there,
a dab of masking tape and a goodly coat of
gloss black before I begin the metal build up.
The basic scheme will be multi-metallic shades with
oodles of weathering, denting, burning, battle damage
and so on...

Should be fun.

Here's the ship in her base gunmetal colour.

And that be the lot for this page folks and folkettes,
see thee next update and go easy!