Elite Cobra Mk III
1/48th'ish Scale

Da Fourth Bit

Metal plate mania going down in the hellhole.
Rightyho then, last time as you may or may not recall,
the Cobra had her dark gunmetal colour done.
Well now it was onto the rest and here's how it was done.

First there was progressive masking for each colour, those being dark aluminium,
light aluminium and polished aluminium.
Each layer of masking was left on and just added to.
After the final polished aluminium was airbrushed on,
the whole thing was given a goodly rubdown with a clean cloth and then with a very
light application of SnJ metal powder (aluminium again) with another cloth.

Then the lot was rubbed briskly with a cloth with some fine ground graphite powder on it.
Messy as hell but the finished effect...well judge for yourself my modeling muckers.

Last little job for this update, adding the registry numbers.

Simple cut frisket mask and airbrushed thinned duck egg blue.
Some latex masking fluid was dabbed across the to be
painted areas for some severe paint chipping action.
Painted, masks removed the a rub over with the metal and graphite powder cloths.

The registry on the left (port) side is placed
slightly different and is more worn that the one on the right (starboard).
Intentionally done to imply that many things are done by hand and all is not
picture perfect or Star Trek like clean and shiny in the Elite universe.

And that be the lot for this page people,
now the weathering and general beaten up look starts in earnest.

Go easy troops and troopettes!