Elite Cobra Mk III
1/48th'ish Scale

Da Fifth Bit

Airbrushing For That
'Been A Thousand Light Years To Hell And
Back Without A Respray Look.

'Kay folks, simple deal here.
Taking up my trusty airbrush, some dark grey and
matt black paint with the occasional help from a
black oil pastel stick...

Off we go to work.
Very simple stencil of some thin but sturdy
card for sharp edging and airbrush away.

Last little job for this update,
Cutting the already prepared plasticard back to show
the internal detail greeblies on the ship for
some serious battle damage action.

Or to put it another way, a plasticard box with some cut and
burned cabling was built under the skin of the model.

Then the area was plated over, scratched in a pattern to
cut and then carried on.

Once painting was done, simply cut along the scratch
marks and peel back the thin plasticard.
Some matt black airbrushed on, pre-done laser gouging to the hull
marked up with paint and oil pastel.
Job done.

Well, now to the final assembly.
Finish building and attaching the armaments and antennas.
And that will be that for the main build at least.
All that nonsense for next time.

Go easy folks !