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Home Brew Dry Rubdown Decal Test

For Later Projects...

Well the decals on the Daedalus base came out ok so time to have a play about.
I get mine from Crafty Computer Paper here in the UK, service is decent and usually fairly rapid in the shipping dept.
I've ordered up some of thier waterslide stuff, tests on that later.

First, a quick 'how to' just incase you might be remotely interested.

The paper comes in two sheet types, the sheet to print on and either clear or white backing paper.
Idea is you run one sheet through your inkjet printer, allow to fully dry then apply the backing paper which is a double sided adhesive film.
So to the graphics...

First pulled an image...

rddecs1.jpg - 95297 Bytes

As it do say in the instructions, one side of the film you print on is matt and the other shiny, print on the matt side.
Always important, you must reverse the image...

rddecs2.jpg - 95431 Bytes

Select glossy paper in the settings and hit that thar print button.
Once done, leave for an hour minimum to cure.

MVC-109S.JPG - 36917 Bytes

When that be done, select either the white or clear backing film, peel the paper side away and attach to the side of the printed sheet that your image is on.

MVC-110S.JPG - 36422 Bytes

Slowly and carefully peel the paper away while pressing the sticky side down to get rid of any airbubbles.
Or be lazy like me and shove it through a cold laminator peeling the paper away as it gets pulled through.
When done, as per the instructions, leave for at least one hour then use as you see fit.

MVC-111S.JPG - 39035 Bytes

This is for a future project or projects so after pulling some old graphic files and giving my inkjet cartridges a hammering, it all started like this...

One lump of 2mm clear styrene, duly scribed and painted at speed so no picture of perfection but it does not need to be for this turnout.
The sheet is 24" by 17".

MVC-097S.JPG - 37875 Bytes

MVC-099S.JPG - 37731 Bytes

Got one sheet of decals, used the white backing paper rather than the clear for this little experiment.

Mvc-100s.jpg - 47580 Bytes

So on to cutting them out.
Has to be done individually, bit of a nuisance but there ya go.

MVC-101S.JPG - 36203 Bytes

Once trimmed then backing film peeled away.
A bit tricky as the stuff is not low tack by anymeans and on the odd occasion
the front film comes off instead then the fun and games really start!
So, one at a time placed in position and given a good rubbing over with the back of a plastic spoon.

MVC-102S.JPG - 36263 Bytes

When done then front film gently peeled away and a gentle rubover with a tissue.

MVC-103S.JPG - 36679 Bytes

Proceeding with the rest...

MVC-104S.JPG - 36353 Bytes

MVC-105S.JPG - 36682 Bytes

MVC-106S.JPG - 36695 Bytes

Looks the part, fairly thin, conforms well and certainly picks up any lumpy defects in the paintwork.

MVC-107S.JPG - 37924 Bytes

MVC-108S.JPG - 37003 Bytes

Last bit of this little primary test, thin decals and clear backed.
So, a lump of the redoutable 2mm clear styrene, some scribing and more than a bit rough paintwork (sorry about that) we get the following.
The plate is 20 x 8 inches.

MVC-112S.JPG - 37068 Bytes

Made a mess of trimming the pennat sadly but can't win 'em all.
The decal for the airlock surround was trimmed up and the center cutout prior to application.
The lettering between the stripes trimmed in long strips close to the lettering

MVC-114S.JPG - 38311 Bytes

MVC-132S.JPG - 35275 Bytes

MVC-113S.JPG - 38763 Bytes

The last bit was some markings on a small plate measuring 6 X 2 1/2 inches.

MVC-127S.JPG - 37806 Bytes

Holding the part to the light, you can see the decals have a matt finish.
A coat of matt varnish would probably take care of that to a degree but if placed
on raw with no varnish then some significant trimming will be needed..well i've got that to look forward to.

MVC-128S.JPG - 36812 Bytes

MVC-129S.JPG - 37003 Bytes

MVC-130S.JPG - 37179 Bytes

I'll also be treating this as a 'lifespan' test if you will to see what happens over a long period to the decals
to see if they behave themselves and stay put.
Well that sort of concludes the application testing, now we will see what happens over time but that's the lot for now.
Go easy gang!

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