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Home Brew Dry Rubdown Decal Test

For Later Projects...

Well now gang, it's just over a year down the line so what do we have I hear you mumble in a disinterested fashion?
Found the two biggest pieces with the colour decals on which is pretty much the point of the excercise.
Now these two have been shuffled from pillar to post so to speak.
In my house, out in the hellhole, summer heat, winter cold, all kinds of noxious atmospheres, dust, bumps and bangs, the works basically.
This is how they looked back then...

This is how they look now.

Well colour wise they still seem to be looking pretty good which bodes well I must say.
Now for some serious punishment tests...
As in can they be got off the surface.
The answer being yes but not without a fight.
I used a combo of thumbnail and scalpel blade to get the edge up and for the first one.
The 'STARSHIP U.S.S. ENTERPRISE' bit from the smaller 20" X 8" panel.
Managed to get one end up and gave it a pull.
A fair amount of pulling and some stretching out later and off it indeed was.

Came off in one and no damage to the paintwork underneath.

So then the the larger registry.
Attacked in the same fashion and buggers just didn't wanna come off cleanly.
Which is all the better in my humble opinion.

Also a small bonus, where i'd pushed the decal down into the scribed lines it was still all secure.

So then, final thoughts and details time.
Well overall I am pleased with the performance of the decals and inks used in the printing.
Seems able to wear well so no complaints from me.
I'll be using the same stuff if and when it comes to building that studio scale Enterprise Refit/-A.
Chances are I will try to find commercial dry rubdowns for the black lettering IF I can find the appropriate styles and sizes.
I belive the eurostile bold extended equates to most but there are some subtle changes between the Refit and the -A but all that's for another time.

For those interested, at the time the graphics were done on Paint shop pro 7.
I'll get around to using Illustrator if a need arises.
Printed out on an Epson Stylus Photo RX560 using original Claria ink cartridges.

The original graphic files are BMP format 6800 X 9359 size 801 PPI resolution.

And that's that for the dry rubdown homebrew stuff me hearties!
Take good care and go easy now.

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