The base plate of the display base is 6mm MDF
and angled downward.

The surround is 6 x 12mm para wood.
A couple of coats of thinned PVA inside it
to seal the the timber.
Masking tape laid on the outer rim to protect
it while much glue and resin was slung about.

The water is ordinary epoxy resin with a few drops
of clear Tamiya acrylic blue and green.

Just a few drops of each mind, very small amounts
do not seem to bother the curing properties.
The water surface is rippled ever so slightly,
this was done by first laying in a coat and
roughing it up with a stuff brush as it reached the gel stage.

Once cured enough then a second lot was laid on top.
Where the 'water' runs to the shore,
a stiff nylon brush dipped into cellulose thinners was
used to spread it out a bit so there is no
obvious thick edge to the resin.