I have to say I am fairly pleased with
the outcome of this.

For once I appear to have made good on my intentions so no harm, no foul there.
Also makes a nice change to do something wood and
boat like without the need for bristling with cannons.

Nothing wrong with the serious armament you understand,
but a change is a s good as a rest so this is it.

For anyone wanting to have a go at wooden ship
modeling and never tried it, you can't
go wrong with this kit as a starter.
Simple, neat and she looks a pretty little lass
when done, even straight out of the box built.

So, hope you enjoyed the gallery.
And i'll leave you with some words that were, in a way,
a starting inspiration for this build...

"i know this lake in northern Minnesota where the bass grow...THiS big..."
Col. Jack O'Neill.