So to the additional scratch built details.
Well what fisherman worth his or her salt doesn't
have a tackle box?

Simply done by pouring some leftover
fast cast resin into small polythene paint mixing pots,
letting cure, pop out and then using the nuggets of cured resin
to make things out of.
Sliced up into a long rectangle
then cut to make a top and bottom.

Two small pieces of 1mm thick plasticard sandwiched with a piece
of 0.15 thick sheet in between to make a
defined split line.

This then glued in between the top and bottom,
a thin piece of plastic rod to stand in for the rear
lid hinge was glued to the back.
A handle recess was machined into the top and
a handle and catch made from plastic strip
and sheet respectively and kept separate for painting.

A goodly blast of grey primer and some white
on the handle and catch,
glue together,
a little bit of black wash here and there, sorted!