it was only after I made some parts that I found the main pod
wasn't the only bit that used Gemini parts and as also discovered,
parts from the Airfix Saturn V.
These I ended up having to re-cast separately and glue
on once I had done the castings,
can't get it right every time.

Painting was not a complex affair.
Lots of auto grey primer then lots of white primer.
Some of the raised panels on the pods and the detail inside
the cages were painted with differing off whites and other colour's,
all enamels and by hand.
Weathering was my ole mate the pastel chalks.

The decals were another problem.
At the time all I had was an old Amiga 1200 home
computer and a dot matrix printer...
a bit stone age in comparison but no such thing as a BSOD back then...
So there!

I had been playing around with some of this new fangled clear decal
sheet that you could paint on to produce you own waterslide decals,
I had no idea whether it would work on this so just to find out,
I made up a picture in Deluxpaint4 (anyone else remember that?)
Printed some off to test size and in went the decal sheet.
What came out wasn't awe inspiring but I persevered.
Now I know the ink wasn't waterproof so a couple of coats of Mattfix,
a 3M product now seems unavailable which is a shame because
it was the best spray matting agent I have ever seen,
and give the decals a try.

Luck was on my side that day,
blue on white showed up a treat and no ink running.
Continued this trick to make all the small stenciling decals too.