The coloured bands around the framework were self adhesive trim line
usually used by RC modeller's.

All the legs were spring loaded.
A bit of a must for summat this size and weight,
looked good too.

The side pods were cast in two parts,
a top cap and the bottom/sides as one piece.

The RCS thrusters were just cone shaped solid
castings glued to cast resin blocks.
One cheat I did do after the first Eagle was finished,
the 'X' cross pieces on the cages were made from a
pewter casting as the first time around doing them
from brass tube was a right royal pain to get right.

The take off/landing thrust bells were cast pewter,
heavy true but quick to cast and no painting needed.
The main engines were just
airbrushed with Humbrol polished aluminium and buffed up to a decent shine.