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Elite Badge Master And Casting

Well this little turnout was really done to test an idea,
Have something nice to put on the base of my Cobra MkIII
And because I wanted one.
Simple as that really.

The Cobra MkIII of which I speak by the way can be found by
clicking hereabouts, should open in a new window.

Well it's a bit late for the Cobra base because that was bought off me a long time ago.
Still as the line from the TV quiz Mastermind goes...
I've started so i'll finish.

A quick bit of back story, the Elite badge is the emblem from the original Elite home computer game from the way back when.
Reputedly and going by the wealth of fan fiction out there, a pilot who achieved the requisite number of kills was considered Elite rated and got one of these badges.
The design of said badge you can see on this pic of the boxfront for the game.

If your the slightest bit curious then get thee hence to THIS LINK Which should open in a new window and read on people.

So then, back to the task at hand, the master pattern.
Well after a few hours of plasticard cutting, sanding, primering and general faffing about, we get this.

Not too big, not too small.
Yep, that'll do!

Well time for some moulds and since I intend to cast this in metal, some of the high heat resistant brick red stuff!

And so, using the ever trusty ladle, metal melting paraphinelia and lead free alloy, we got to pouring.
After only one false start I got a casting I could work with, after nipping the excess metal off, this is it.

After removing and cleaning up any remaining defects it was shown to the brass brush and polishing wheels.

Last but by no means least, a splash of enamel black wash and another polish.
Done and done.

Well what the hell, i'll be getting a brooch pin for this one and casting a few more to keep for later.
I have some more ideas for Elite ship models so may as well make good on the base decoration thing this time around.

That's the lot from this end people, just summat to pass the time from casting parts for other things.

Go easy people!

BTWIP.jpg - 5430 Bytes