Right then folks, This wee beastie has long been on my list of models to make.

For those in the know about the Fallout universe, the reason for the '4.5' thing is that this
is from a tabletop RPG I ran some time ago which takes place some years after the events
of Fallout 4 but still set in the Boston Commonwealth for the most part.

This wagon is one I called the 'Type2' as it's a new build from the Minuteman run
Mahkra Vehicle Construction and Repair facility.

That place used tech developed by Wonderland, formerly known as The Institute,
for the Minutemen based off pre war tech.

These vehicles are lighter, faster and better armoured thanks to Ballistic Weave
developed by The Railroad and improved on at Wonderland.
So that out the way, the bottom line is that this is a near total 3D print from my
own mesh using the game one as a template.

Comprehensive details can be found in the five page WIP log which can be
go to by hitting the button below.

All told, this thing including base and turret antenna, measures 9" wide by 6" deep and 10 & 1/2" high
That's about 228mm X 152mm X 267mm for the metric mob.

Oh, if all goes well, the now customary Youtube video of this beastie should be below.
That's really about it so enjoy the gallery!