One thing I did notice as I had the kit at the time was the main bulk of
the fighter in the original scratch build was part Monogram Cylon Raider.
i didn't get any pics of the underside but
there are indented panels are an exact match.
That and several engine blocks and venting.

Some of it looked like old Porsche engines or suchlike and the venting looked
kinda familiar as the air blower from the engine in
the Tamiya M113 APC kit.

Really nice kits to build and paint.
I had most of the series untill an attack of reality,
namely realising there was no way I was
ever gonna build 200 plus kits in my lifetime,
meant I had to seriously clear out my collection several years ago.
Gone but not forgotten, excellent kits and a must have
for any SF modeller in my opinion,
even if it's only one or two of them.

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