In this shot you can just about see where all the
RCS thrusters were hollowed out.
This was done by push forming some slim hollow
cones using the metal nib end of an old
propelling pencil and a electric paint stripping heat gun.

Simply put, I cut a hole about 2mm wider than the body of said
propelling pencil in some 12mm MDF, stapled some 1mm
plasticard to it then used the gun to heat it.
All just judgment but at the point the plastic was soft enough,
I just pushed the nib end into it and let it cool.
Repeat as many times as needed for the amount
of thruster nozzles and your done.
Glue into place and as near the correct angle as possible,
let dry, trim excess, sand to shape, sorted.
I also decided to hollow out the antenna
depressions while I was at it.