Folding The Umbrella

A Sort of Fan Fiction Loosely Based On 'Resident Evil'
By Chris Alldridge and Ian Lawrence.
All Wordy Stuff Herein Typed Out By Ian Lawrence.

This work is based on a tabletop/pen & paper role playing game between me and my best friend Chris.
We started gaming long ago with the usual stuff like Dungeons and Dragons
with a group of us playing them, over the years this has evolved in to many games on
differing subjects from Star Trek to Wild West themes.

This was one of the rare ones that was just Me and Chris. He was the GM for this turnout
and I did the main player character of Ben Hawk.

As Chris and I have agreed, this deviates a little in terms of circumstance, occurrence and
it is fleshed out a lot more in details as it makes we believe,
for a slightly better story but the essence holds true to the game we played.

It has some basis in the Resident Evil games/movies but it doesn't stick to the
base of the Resident Evil universe rigidly.

Nor does it have what we both think is the overblown stuff like...

'Mutating before your eyes monsters with tentacles,
multiple eyes and mouths full of teeth all over the shop
that the slack jawed and well armed victims to be,
just stand and watch happening without emptying their
magazines in to it as soon as it twitched oddly'

And things like that.

This story is written from the perspective of the main character in memoir fashion rather than a narrative
so a very personal account which is reflected in the story.

This is a continual work in progress up to Chapter 12, more will be added as it is written.

Anyways, enough waffle, on with the story by hitting the button below for Chapter 1
And please note it contains violence and strong language,
that's for you for you delicately minded folks who don't like that sort of thing...

Any of the names relating directly or indirectly to the characters, places, situations or
relevant terms/descriptions who appear in the games, movies or any other authorised material
under the title 'Resident Evil' are the property of Capcom Co. Ltd. and are used herein
purely for the purposes of entertainment and telling this story.
No copyright/trademark infringement is intended or inferred.

This work is solely for entertainment purposes and is strictly not for profit.
All other characters and situations are copyright Chris Alldridge and ian Lawrence 2013 to 2022 inclusive.
This work may NOT be repackaged, redistributed, rewritten in any form and/or published regardless of intent, without the consent of the authors.

Please respect those wishes but if you want to pass it along
in some other fashion than how it is presented here for purely fun purposes and NOT for monetary gain then asking wouldn't hurt yes?