Just right click on the pics, do the 'Save Picture As...' thing, close this window and you be done.

After more than a few questions about this beastie, here are some expanded details and pictures of the jig. The baseboard for this I would recommend to be at least 30 " long by 10" wide and about 1/2" thick. What materials you use is completely up to you my merry mates so get the materials as you see fit on that score.

The hole to be drilled through the top of the pivot block is at your discretion. it's your choice as to what suits the task at hand. Likewise, the pivot pin is nothing more complex than a nail either side, you may by all means alter that to suit yourselves but one piece of advice on the stop pins...
if you use dowel then give the pins a light going over with some wax to prevent them sticking, which usually happens when you least want it to.-

Finally, this is just a rough guide and nothing is to be taken as gospel. Measurments given are mainly approximations give or take a smidgen. Modify and use as you see fit, put it together with your favoured methods be that glue/nails/screws/spitandprayer, whatever does the job. if it doesn't do the job of holding your prize build up or falls apart, then I accept no responsibility for anything...at all...in any way shape or form...ask anyone...honest!

Big 'E' build jig.jpg - 125823 Bytes

first up, basic materials list, what length and how many of each part.

build jig mat list.jpg - 69479 Bytes

What bits to slice off, what to leave alone and where some holes be needed.

build jig cut list.jpg - 109347 Bytes

The basic expanded view of the side frame...

jigparts1.jpg - 29129 Bytes

And another one just to be clear.

jigparts2.jpg - 31623 Bytes

The parts assembled. Just make two of these the same and turn one around to make it a mirror image.

jigparts3.jpg - 54552 Bytes

Like so.

jigparts4.jpg - 44805 Bytes

Where to fix the cross brace parts E.

jigparts5.jpg - 34699 Bytes

The constituent parts of the pivot block.

jigparts6.jpg - 36114 Bytes

Said bits assembled.

jigparts7.jpg - 29298 Bytes

Where the pivot block fits into it all.

jigparts8.jpg - 49592 Bytes

the very much needed holes for things to be shoved in.

jigparts9.jpg - 34722 Bytes

The top pivot pin (large nail) and the bottom pivot stop pin (lump of dowel) All technical stuff eh readers?

jigparts10.jpg - 44895 Bytes

Said pins in position.

jigparts11.jpg - 48690 Bytes

With the pivot stop pin pulled, this shot shows the built in stop points against the side frames.

jigparts12.jpg - 55935 Bytes

Well now, I hope this helps you goodly lot, any questions then by all means email me at the address on the home page and i'll answer you as soon as I can. Every pertinent email I receive gets responded to and I have no problem answering messages so questions anyone? fire away I say!
Go easy you lot!