Built almost straight from the box with a few changes here and there.
Now on the scale thing the kit says 1/50th.
Well the only measurement I could find for the real ship is 94 feet and change.
it doesn't say whether that's just hull length alone or the overall length.
if it's just the hull then she's about 1/62nd or so scale.
if it's the full length from flying bowsprit to boom end then she comes in at 1/43rdish...
So take ya pick and go with it is the thing here methinks.

Model dimensions without base are:
Length 26"
Height 17 & 1/4"
Width across the main yard 9 & 1/2".

With base it makes it Length 28 & 1/2"
Height 19 & 3/4"
Width 12 & 1/4"

A short build log of sorts can be found by hitting the button below.

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