Just a quick and for fun personal build from the department of Why The Hell Not.
Simply put, the Tamiya 1/12th Street Rider figure, A head mesh I found on CGTrader
and a die cast item got from Husqvarna.

Said die cast thing was a bit of a state by the time it got to me but that was nothing a little repair work couldn't sort out.
A bit of the paint/shade/dry brush dance later and it was good enough for this turnout.

Some 6mm MDF and grass matting made up the rest along with the paint plastering hoo-ha

The base is 7" wide by 6" deep, the whole deal stands 6 & 3/4" tall,
or about 178 X 152 X 172mm for you metric types.

The name comes from a documentary made in 1971.

The now obligatory Youube video below.
That's all the waffle you'll get in this gallery...Enjoy!