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Colonial Marines Pulse Rifle
1/1 Scale

I have enough trouble clearing up my own mess and if there is one thing
guaranteed to tick me off in certain fashion,
it's clearing up someone else's mess.

These two monstrosities come into that category.
Friend of a friend had 2 friends with 2 pulse rifles,
supposedly cast from real props yadda yadda.
Well what I ended up with were two lumps of hollow cast horror
they had paid a fair amount for,
3 figure fair amount.

Anyways, my job to try and sort 'em out.
After much clean up and knowing that the almost
banana shaped one just couldn't be straightened out,
I proceeded to put spring loaded triggers in and lit ammo counters.

After much sanding, filling, sawing, cursing, hammering, filling
and thoughts of throwing the pillock who cast them
off the white cliffs of Dover,
I arrived at a sort of finish line with the help of a pair of
rifle slings I had hangin' about.

Not strictly correct but to be blunt,
these had &$%@# me off enough so I was just wanting to close the deal,
only just so much a modeler can take.
Auto spray and enamels made up the paintwork and the
barrels were replaced with brass tube...
quite possibly the only part on the rifle that was actually bloody straight.
I have to admit I was glad to be shot of these two
and I actually didn't charge the fellas a great deal
as I felt they had already suffered enough with the wassock
who had flogged them these two...things.

Well I could go on but I think enough said about this little episode.

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