Only shame was that with the way this model
was going to be presented,
none of that lovely stuff under the cowlings was going to be seen.
if I skipped all that lot I could have had this done in a week, 10 days tops.

But glutton for punishment I am,
I did it all.

One thing that certainly needed tackling was the tyres.
They just looked so..well...clean.

Enter the lump of balsa dowel, one 6 inch screw,
some masking tape and a cordless drill.

Making the dowel thicker by winding the
masking tape on then one at a time,
slotting the tyres on so they fitted snugly,
spinning them and just applying 800 grit wet and dry paper
with plenty of water.

The finished article had the used effect I was going for so onto the next bit.