'Skyrim Special Edition' Game Screenshots

Just really having fun with this and not really a serious play through.
A few mods being used for what it's worth.
Mostly texture and model types with an overhaul or three thrown at it.
Did some fiddling about with two ENB lighting mods as well.
I tried the RE-Engaged ENB lighting shader first but the interiors were so dark I couldn't
see a damn thing no matter what I tried.
I switched that out for the Surreal 2.1 ENB and that works for me.

Both of the ENB's were used with the Climates of Tamriel weather overhaul.

Screens from March/April 2019

I've reduced all the screen shots to 1024 resolution for this page but all are individually linked
to the full res versions which should open in a new tab.

The out and about pics first:
The view from a place i'd most likely just
plundered and robbed blind for all the shiny stuff I could carry away
carefully mapped to discover what wondrous secrets lie within and acquiring a Dragon language word of power.

A few from around the town of Rorikstead.
Jkrojmal (JK's) City and town overhaul used here.

Took a few shots in the wilds while hunting down some weird metal called Aetherium,
with a ghost of a dead adventurer assisting me...
and that's nowhere as weird as this game can get trust me!

Pics in this bit shown without and with the Surreal 2.1 ENB shader in that order.

Without an ENB shader add on.

Which looks better is a matter for the individual to decide.
I for one can get by with either but sometimes the ENB on, it is better for getting certain screenshots.

With an ENB chucked at it.

Without ENB.

With an ENB lobbed on.

Without an ENB doohickey.

With an ENB.

Just some area in eastern Skyrim.
Without an ENB shader add on.

With an ENB shader turned on.

Without the ENB.

With the ENB turned loose upon it.

High Hrothgar, home of the Greybeards and masters of the way of the voice.
Without ENB.

With ENB.

Approaching sunset from High Hrothgar.
Nope to the ENB.

Yeah to the ENB.

Then we come to my companions.
Only two covered here, Mjoll the Lioness up first.
Said lass being resident in the den of thieves and corruption called the City of Riften.
A decent soul and good hearted girl determined to make life better for the folks there and a companion on my adventures
seeing as how I recovered her sword for her, from the depths of an old Dwemer fortress.

Said sword being 'Grimsever', a bloody huge two handed glass tooth pick duly upgraded with some serious enchantments by yours truly.

With such, she is more than capable in a fight and as equally adept as me at turning enemies in to cat food.

On top of which, mods by Bijin/Mebantiza for the Warmaidens overhaul/CBBE skin textures,
Caliente for the CBBE/Bodyslide body overhaul and CrystallisGravi for the Daedric Chainmail armour
all adds up to someone who can kick a Dragons ass, head, all points in between
AND look lovely while doing so.

Screens taken with the Surreal enb on.

True, there is some clipping going between hair/armour/body/weapons etc. but I can live with it.

And the last companion and my personal favourite is the former vampire, Serana.
Again, JK's mods with CBBE body/textures,
Mebantiza/bchick3/elrizzo for the Seranaholic mod and
Amethyst/Docteur87/Jeir for the Lustmord Vampire Armour mod.
Which she looks fantastic in I say with no shame what so ever!

I say 'former vampire' because she got shot of the vampirism after we both teamed up with
a vampire hunting mob and gave a vampire cult their walking papers.

Well, they were out to enslave all the mortals of the world as their prey so
what's a bloke and lass supposed to do when that kinda thing crops up?

Again, Surreal enb for the screenshots.

Armour upgraded via my enchanting, Daedric sword smithied and likewise enchanted by me.
That coupled with her being a crack shot with an ice spike spell and ace necromancer
makes her no slouch in dealing out the slicey, dicey and die bit with the
bad guys/gals/monsters/whatever comes our way that needs desperately to go away.

The addition of the FNIS Sexy Moves mod can be a distraction...
but I mind that not one single bit!

On top of that, she has a voice I do not get tired of hearing so
my humble thanks to voice artist Laura Bailey for providing her outstanding vocal cords to the character.

A couple of shots from the northern Skyrim coast.
Using another enb and texture set, PhotoRealistic Tamriel 6.1

The result when I met a rather cantankerous Dragon.

Halfway up a mountain somewhere.

One of the many old forts dotting the Skyrim landscape.

Out in a snowy forest, bear hunting and not having much success...
So paying for dinner in the local inn tonight then.

Running waters and the falls.

Serana and myself, setting out on another mission to take a curb stomping to the bad guys.

Lastly, I don't care if it is undead to begin with, that still has to hurt a bit.

And a Falmer the ran afoul of my flying fletchings.