Elite Cobra Mk III
1/125thish Scale

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Another Cobra...

Just A Bit Smaller And Possibly Nicer Than Last Time

Whatho gang!!
Well now people, welcome to a pint sized re-run of the last Cobbie 3 I did.
This one at the behest of a client so a sort of down-size and up the ante kind deal.
That is to say, somewhat smaller than a 30" span, some 12" and change but better detailed generally.

Just go with it here gang, it will make some form of sense honest.

So then, much the same performance as last time.
Downloaded the paper model from the net and gave it the 2x2 poster print settings on the Epson.
The original model will all fit nicely on an A4 size sheet but it was not requested to be that small.

Ok, onward then so the paper model was printed and the parts cut out.
With some small notations as to what goes where and which way it points.
All helps for the hard of thinking types...
Like me for example.

So all parts then given a light tack glue stick treatment.
Then somewhat unceremoniously plastered on some 1/16th" thick and fairly rigid clear plastic

So much of the score and snap samba then edge sand treatment later and we got a pile o' parts.

Okedoke then, first parts to get 'the treatment', rear engine plate, bottom plate and sides.
First up, strip the paper off after a bit of sharpie scrawling on the back to remind me what is what.
A spirit WIPe down of the paper glued side to clean off any glue residue and it's scriber time!

My weapons of choice being the following:

Should about tackle the job methinks.

So first off, the aforementioned bits.
The bits to begin with, the belly sides.
The small end scriber gives a decent line for the outside edge and the larger hook one does fine lines just nicely for the rest.
After much faffing about, much marking and scratching sounds were heard about the hellhole.
This was followed by some light sanding, after which we get this kind of thing.

The belly plate being given the same manner of hoo-ha and an additional plate to represent the cargo bay.

So that little lot sorted, time to turn mine beady eyes upon the back plate.
Now to assist in putting this thing together and to get the outline for the engine exhausts,
Some 20thou plasticard was brought into play.
The back plate in clear plastic was used as a template.
This then had a border of 1/16th" and a smidgen wide drawn around it and that was cut out.
Some measuring up and pencil scratching took place.
Then the holes for the engines were cut out.
These will be backlit using me old mate foil tape to keep the light up stuff under control and light boxing with some LEDs chucked in.

Sorted to my satisfaction so next up then.
The clear plate was given a light going over with some wet & dry and some scribing happened to the plasticard.
After which, the plasticard ended up getting stuck fast the the clear bit...
Like so.

Now the back end, so to speak, will be left like this for the time being, i.e. nice and flat for the start of the assembly nonsense.
Trust me, the greeblie box will get a stern looking into and a good rummage later.
And there will be much sticking on of bits!
Speaking of The start of the assembly though...
You'll find that on page 2 so off ya toddle and i'll see ya there gang!

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