Elite Cobra Mk III
1/125thish Scale

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Foiled Again...And Meshed Up A Treat

Ah, there you are!

Right then gang, last time the starting bits were all there so time to get on with it.
First deal was to slap on the foil tape on the inside of the rear plate to deal with them pesky light leaks dontchaknow.
When that task was complete, some mesh was also installed for effect.
it looks a bit like this.

Ok so out with the LEDs and it be light boxing time.
Had a good fiddle about and 10 mins of pencil scratching later me got meself a template of sorts.

All folds up nicely so grabbed some thin black card, some white paper and a can of spray on sticky stuff.
A bit of glue chucking later and that was done, then the pattern from the template was transferred to the paper faced card.
Then there was a bit of scissor work and a wee dab of line scoring.
Some fold and glue action with a few bits of foil tape to light seal

Not too shabby, just repeat to get two and done.
So then came the LED installation.
Two diffuse 5mm blue and three 5mm diffuse white.
The blue will be constant on and the white will be hooked up to this wee fella...

The blue will be constant on and the white will be hooked up to this wee fella...

A fader module to be exact.
Just a simple thingy built from a circuit diagram I had laying around.
Probably downloaded from net or some suchlike place.
There are plenty of sites out there for little doohickeys like this.
if ya can read circuit diagrams and know how to solder, it's a doddle really.
Go look for a few and give it a try people, it ain't that hard to do believe me.

So then, all LEDs in place and wired up, tested and found to be all okedoke.
Much application of the light bleed stopping/insulating/stay put ya bugger gunk and that's about that.
So last bit to be done 'fore pushing on, assemble belly plates and rear engine plate together.
Done in short order.

Okedoke then, last gasp bit for this page update, the dreaded vid clip of them light thingies in action...
For want of a better phrase.

Not looking too bad so far, much still to do though.

And that be ya lot for now folks.
You lot go easy and i'll see ya next update.
Go easy gang!

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