Elite Cobra Mk III
1/125thish Scale

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A lot on me plate here...

So More Plating To Be Done

Right then people, and here we go again.
So the next four plates were given their scribing treatment and a brisk sanding down.
A hole was cut in one to have some detail put behind it.
Sort of a battle damage looking thing if you see what I mean.
Or it will be once i'm done.
This wee box was just a plasticard job with a quick dip into the greeblie box.
A dab or two of paint and fitted into it's proper place.
All looks a bit like this kinda thing.

All good so far methinks so onward!
Now that was taken care of, the four outer plates were attached.
Also the red/green wing tip lights were wedged into their respective places.
Some 1/8th" plastic half round strip was fitted along the edge seams just to tidy that part up.

Also fitted out was the stand pole and power plug/socket hook up that this bad motor scooter is going to sit pretty on.
Kept it simple, an alignment piece of brass tube with side cutouts was fixed into place.
That was secured with a fair wedge of epoxy metal putty.
Likewise the socket.
The pole top had the plug fitted and a short length of brass rod slipped through said pole just back from the plug.
The stub ends of the rod will fit into the cutouts so the Cobra will not go rotating on it's pole and stay where it's put.

Okedoke then.
Final additions to the lighting deal.
A red and blue 3mm LED for the belly, Green for the top and yellow for the rear.

That done, time to assemble the four top plates.
No dramas here and with the help of only two bits of tape, all was as it should be.
Now it's starting to look like a Cobra!

So all good and time for a light check.

Well looking ok so far.
it was requested that there be just a suggestion of a cockpit so a bit of boxing and creative backlighting to be accomplished.
Then on goes the greeblie detailing for the exterior then time to get here multi-metal colour's on.
Should be a giggle...possibly.

That's for the next update or two so go easy gang, see thee next time.

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