Elite Cobra Mk III
1/125thish Scale

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Silly stuff going on...

Some Antenna Antics For Ya!

Greetings folks and folkettes.
First of a twofer update so...

Time to pay some attention to the bits that will stick out a little.
For starters, this star trolley has four antennas as such.
Two on top and two on the bottom...there's a shock.
So first up in a short and sweet way, the top two.
Just some thin brass wire bent to 90 degrees.
Then some donations of left over photo etch brass stuff from the greeblie box, some 5amp fuse wire and a bit o' soldering action.
So all put together and given a lick of silver paint, looks a bit like this...

That sorted so on to the bottom ones.
A dish like theme going on so a couple of dishes required.
Now a 3/4" one and a slightly smaller one wanted and none in the spares box so time for some push moulding.

A relatively simple affair that was accomplished like so...

First some 1/4" MDF with a approx 1" hole drilled in.
Then fix a small piece of plasticard over it.
A staple gun works for me in a hurry.

Then heat with whatever is your weapon of choice.
Mine being one of those electric paint stripping things.

When the plastic is hot enough...a matter of judgment, nothing more..just press in the buck.
in this case, a thick plastic dome from the spare parts pile.
Leave to cool for a minute or so and pull the buck.
Remove staples and sorted!
in picture order, it looks like this:

Now if your going to give this a try then I would strongly advise investing in a good pair of oven gloves.
Not them mitten like things, a proper pair of heat resistant fingered gloves.
Just go Google 'oven gloves with fingers' and you'll see the sort of thing i'm on about.
A virtually important bit of kit, trust me, your non-burn blistered fingers will thank you for it!

So that sorted twice so trim up time.
Just using a pencil on the trimmed up lump to get a line and cut with whatever is your preferred method.
A swift run over the sanding block mit der 400 grit wet & dry to smooth out and a final going over with some 800 grit.

So then onto the wire/brass/soldering/greeblie dance and a lick of matt black with a dusting of silver.

Well that's them sorta sorted for now, a lick of paint proper later to finish 'fore putting them where they should be.
And now...
The main paintwork for the beastie...and you'll find that on the very next page.
So off thee do go and go easy gang!

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