Elite Cobra Mk III
1/125thish Scale

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And now...

it's Multi-Metal Plate Mania Time.

Oh yes my friends!
Much paint bombing and general buggering about so let's have at it!

So one last task 'fore the fun begins was to drill out all the RCS thrusters which was done in short order.

So then, the beastie was given a goodly going over with some enamel gunmetal and left overnight to sort itself out.
Then on the next dull and frankly dreary weather day it was masking time.
Stage one to partially cover some semi-random panels.
Which after a fair old while looks a bit like this.

Duly sorted and so out with some acrylic silver and a little bit of airbrush waving about.

So on to masking stage two...more tape...oh for cryin' out loud.

Then came the Alclad ii aluminium which was laid on in no small measure mit der air powered paint spitter.
After which of course, there was much tweezers messing about.

All that time to slap it on and about 1/100th of the time to remove...what's that all about?
Well it's sort of about this.

Now that's what I was hoping for!
Not too shabby and if nothing else, it does give me an insight in how it's going to be for the 1/350th NX-01 I have in the loft...oh joy!
Well time for a bit of dark wash in the panel lines and a last bit of paintwork for the metal finish.
The wash was a dark grey thinned acrylic.
A simple enough deal, apply to all lines with a fine brush, give it a little while to settle and just clean up with a damp tissue.
Just a little bit of definition where it matters like.

Final paintwork pandemonium.
A printed template, cut out the shapes, rough mask on each large
section and let rip with a rattle can of Tamiya pearl white.
Like so...

So duly sorted there methinks.
Next up, marking, weathering, lasers and missiles
And not forgetting a thingy to stand this bad motor scooter up on.
That's for the next update so untill then, you merry mob go easy out there.

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