Elite Cobra Mk III
1/125thish Scale

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And after all that...

Time To Dirty it Up A Wee Bit...
Well Maybe More Than A Bit.

Howdo troops and troopettes!
Right then, on with the making it look manky lark.
Aye we be talking weathering.
Now granted there's not much dirt in space so to speak but imagine the sort of universe this ship inhabits.
Long spells between the interstellar wash and wax stops,
the equipment upkeep sometimes more important then the looks,
sun skimming for fuel,
combat and so on can take a toll on any ship no matter what.
With that in mind, i'm going for a moderately beaten up/well used but still got it where it counts look.

Now the thing is, it's pretty shiny paint and the usual pastel chalks have nothing to get a grip on.
Wanted to maintain the shiny metal here and there thing so what to do?
Step forward the carpenters pencil!

Now these things are like your ordinary graphite scribbling stick but are usually about twice as thick and the core is fairly soft.
Well softer that the usual stuff in the ones i've found.

Simple enough technique.
Just draw the line wherever you need it, about two passes, then just rub over the line with your finger/tissue/cotton bud or whatever to blend it in.
Simple, effective and no ned for over coating to make it stay put.
Like the metallic surface, it depends on how the light hits it to show it up or not.
Like so...

I think you may get the general idea here.
So this scrape 'n WIPe waltz done all over the shop for the dirt streaks and in the panel lines.
Just makes the thing a wee bit different in the look of the finish with the panel lines done.
Witness if you will the before and after with the triangular top panel show below:

Just a smidgen grubbier looking here and there, nice and subtle.
So much dirtying down done and dusted
Now to the markings as such.
Well some bits from the spare decal box were placed on standby while I turned my attention to the registry serial number.
All ships seems to have a two letter/three number designation, at least in sequel versions of Elite so why not keep up with that trend.

Taking a scrap bit of self adhesive vynil, some lines duly drawn on and the letter/ number thing cut out.

Now the thing here, how to do beaten up large registry numbers without scraping the paint off after.
A small cheat here by using latex masking fluid.
Nothing new but here it be for those who've not seen it anyway.
Here's the template applied to the appropriate place.

Taking a toothpick, just apply small amounts where needed making sure it goes on the template as well.
Once dry, mask and spray.
As the template is peeled off, the latex comes with it.
instant chipped/worn off paintwork.
Do the same to both sides and then dirty down to match in.
in order, like this.

So that dealt with, on with all the little markings which I personally reckon are fairly important for the look of this kind of thing.
Others may disagree but i'm just bloody awkward like that...ask anyone who knows me.

Now 'November Delta Eight Five Two' is starting to look as she should.

it's been a good day!
And that's quite enough for one day methinks so the decals will be left to sort themselves out.
Some matting in to happen later and while that's cooking off, on with the rest of the silliness...

Next update that is.
Go easy gang!

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