Elite Cobra Mk III
1/125thish Scale

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Well waddya know...

it's Sunday, it's The Hellhole And it's The Penultimate Update

Greetings people!
Well the one before the final round of hoo-ha so let's be away.
So the first round of the arms race to get some arms of the shooting kind on this thing.
So a forward and rear laser to be fitted to this particular star trolley.
Diving into the spares box and as luck would have it finding some bits to do the job.
Namely a couple of masts from a ship kit that got introduced to a saw.
The resulting lumps were trimmed and cleaned up then some aluminium tube and brass wire added.
Lastly a couple of bits of plasticard hacked up and shaped were thrown into the mix.
After some trimming and shoving, glue inclusive...here's the result:

Okedoke so far.
Then of course, a dab or three of the silverish stuff of varying shades of shinyness.

Try saying that after a few drinks.

A smidgen of surface prep took place on the bits where these beastie's were to be fitted.
And with some 'stay put ya bugger' stuff, fitted they indeed were.

Set and sorted!
Time to fit the top antennas now.
No dramas here.
A couple of carefully drilled holes, some epoxy metal gunk mixed up and applied with some small measure of care.
Added a small bit of aluminium tube for spacing and slipped the wee devils in where they were supposed to be.

So on to the last bit for this update.
The lower dish antenna...thingies...had some tape applied.
A spray of some variance of silver/pearl paint stuff applied and some matt grey thrown in in places and told to stay there.
A dab or three of some grey wash added.
Done and done

A repeat of the drill/glue/slip in shuffle and that's them sorted..
Really starting to get there now!

And that's that for this update...honest.
So the last one looms on the horizon.
Missile making and racking up and the stand to sort.
Then the finish line I am happy to say.
See you for the final lap in the hell hole later gang.
Go easy.

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