Solarwind/Foxfire Studios Four Figure Build
1/7th Scale

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Hiya folks and folkettes!
Well now, I really love doing figures for my own enjoyment,
especially female figures for the challenge of getting it right.
So on that note, I finally gave in and bought some Solarwind resin figures.

A Potted Kit Review To Begin With.

Okedoke, I have known about these figures for quite some time but never managed to get any of 'em untill now.

The produced kits have a good rep quality wise and anyone who has ever done
a write up has had nowt but good things to say about 'em.

This always peaks my interest so the credit card took a hammering and after a short while,
four kits appeared at my door.

I chose the four I did because three of them are new and one has been on
their list for I dunno how long,
seemed a good idea to get a cross section of quality and because
I liked the look of all of them.

So, enough self justification, onward!!

So, I ordered these direct from the US as it still turned out cheaper even with shipping costs
and the service was swift and certain so no problems there.

So What in Da Box Den?

Well to begin with, a lot of resin and some cast metal is what. To begin with, the older kit of this fetching foursome, Adina
As with all of them, boxing is simple with two colour printed pics attached and plenty of bubblewrapping on the inside.
Each box has a pic of a completed figure done by a mine will work out is another matter.

As you can see, the sculpting is top notch stuff and casting, likewise.
Very little flash and what there was almost fell away as soon as it was breathed upon.
There is a fair amount around the bootsoles and heels of said footware but that's nothing unusual
and nowt that a bit of saw, knife and file action cannot take care of.
Now one thing of note and it's a bit of a no brainer but i'll say it...
No instruction sheet but really, where everything goes is more than a bit obvious so not needed really.

Second up in the list of lovely ladies is The Sorceress, box and parts pictured below.

One very nice touch here certainly worth mentioning, the wand/mace/whatever it is she is holding comes cast
as one piece with her hand but the shaft of the item is a piece of aluminium rod cast into it.
Not only neat and clean but will certainly save breakage problems during assembly, nicely done!!

The parting and casting is also worth a mention as all the breaks are on lines of clothing.
Such as glove ends, boot tops, armbands and so on.
A very nice touch as it will certainly make cleanup easier and paintwork too, something i'm all in favour of.

So then, third on the list is one of the latest ones in the Solarwind catalouge, a very lovely elf lass called Lisette.

Couple of things here, all the figures come with a base but the quality of the base is more than equal to the figure quality.

Also of note for those who are interested, Mike Cusanelli who is the principal sculptor and designer
for Solarwind knows his stuff and bloody then some.
I can now say with hand on heart that the beauty of his female figures is
there from the root to the boot, especially when it comes to the detail, curves and form...

Oh my...
I think that says it all.

Last but by no means least is the largest figure of this lot.
No scale mentioned but i'd estimate about 1/6th or 1/5th or so.
A lady with an definite Egyptian theme going on, Tannis

The base is rather good as is some of the sculpting on the, how should I put it, jewelry?

Can anyone say Goa'uld hand device?
Outstanding work I must say.

So to round up,
sculpting quality top notch.
Casting quality also top notch.
Smooth and clean castings, very few surface defects and out of four kits I have found one large air bubble, yep just the one and by large I mean just over 1mm across.
Any others that may be around will show up during the primer stage.

Casting seamlines are good, no huge steps and can be dealt with via the minimum of fuss.

Locating plugs on joining surfaces are well formed and mating part lines are crisp and well defined. This should cause minimum fuss on assembly.
As to value for money, yes, I would say good value for what you get.

I would, going on quality straight out of the box, have little trouble recommending these kits to any figure builder.

As to how they buildup? well that's for the next update my friends so untill then...
And I have no idea when that will be...
You goodly lot take care and go easy!

Page 5...and that's all you need to know
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