Solarwind/Foxfire Studios Four Figure Build
1/7th Scale

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The designation is...

Four Of Four...Nothing Borg About This Lass Though

Right then troops and troopettes, last time we were at this stage...

Now it was time for a different approach methinks.
Now this is what she's supposed to look like on the box top...

Nice but i've already done white clothing and that was enough of a problem.
So i'd already settled on paleish skin tones and needed something
to contrast or indeed have some impact visually speaking.

Can't go wrong with Red then.

So out with the acrylic flat red and some brushwork.

Do nice for a base, so some masking fluid and tape later we about set to spray.


Now summat occurred to me at this stage, just flat red alone...hmmm
Well it's a start but something different was needed and
after a head scratch and a cuppa, a thought occurred...

Watercolour pearlescent paints dissolve nicely in acrylic paints...
So how would it look with some added to flat red, airbrushed,
white and black added for shading and a coat of satin varnish...

Here's the answer.

A nice sheen and light catching to boot, that will do nicely!

Now while pondering this, I also decided on a whim to brake up the
coating with some acrylic gloss varnish applied the old fashioned way.

Does nicely so this was applied to parts of the upper body clothing.

So that done, time to get the rest of the costume done, for this,
enamel dark blue, then hard outlining with a wash of acrylic dark earth.

Also the jewelry picked out in black and various metallic's with clear red and blue for the gemstones.

Now we got that end of the deal, onto the face of this lass.
impact is the order of the day and for those who may just be interested,
here's a blow by blow account of how this issue played out...
Eyes painted in foundation white.

Then a thin line of Tamiya smoke across the top of the eye for a little shading.

Enamel dark blue circle and dot of lighter blue for the iris.

A lightly dabbed on coat of Tamiya clear blue to the iris area.

Some lightly applied blue/white to the iris area and a black pupil added.

A white dot as a 'catch light' in the eye.

A very thin line of wine red around the edge of the eye and eyelids.

A run round with some flat flesh to clean up,
a coat of acrylic gloss varnish to seal and then eye shadow vis pastel chalks.
Went with a red graduating slightly to blue/purple.

Lips just acrylic flat red, a drop of red black wash for the lip line then red pearlescent
applied to the outside surfaces of the lips for a bit o' definition.

Finally, black lines around the eyes for the lashes and black eyebrows.

At this time, I painted the sword up, simple enamel dark blue for the scabbard and grip.
Silver with a little black on the metal work then drybrushed with some silver.
A dab of gold to the pommel and done.

While that was drying off, time for that magnificent mane of hair to get sorted.
Went for basic matt black with dark blue highlights, not too much, just a wee bit.

And then sword placed where it should be.

Well I wanted her to be a bit different, I think i'm on something resembling the right track.

And that be the lot from this rather piccie packed update.

Just the scepter thingy to sort and the base to paint.
A once over with final small details paint and me and the gals are a done deal.

All that for next time my friends so untill then, be well and go easy!

Page 5...and that's all you need to know
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