Solarwind/Foxfire Studios Four Figure Build
1/7th Scale

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Well waddya know...

It Seems Like A Thing About Seams

Well now, took a wee while out to see about some seams, mould seams that is.
Now the mould seams on these parts are not exactly troublesome but none the less
summat to deal with so first was to extract the parts from the boxes.

So then, pretty maids (well armed pretty maids at that) all in a row.
Time to select my weapons, namely my best rough and not so rough rat tail needle files,
one rough and one not so rough flat file and two scribing tools.

The hook like implement is a dental pick,
the slimmer head one is a Bare Metal Foil ‘Expert’s Choice’ Panel Scriber...
Yeah, I know the name sounds somewhat pompous but believe me,
it's a rather excellent scribing tool and well worth getting one to add to your scribing tool armory.

It's the piece of kit responsible for the scribing on 90% of the Talon i'm a workin' on.

So to begin with, we have the bottom half of Adina showing the
mould seam running down those rather excellent legs...

They are nice legs!

Ok where was i?
Ah yes, going to work with the needle files most of the line was
reduced to a mere fraction of it's former self.
This is where the scribing tools come in, see the pic below...

You'll see the small nub of resin just inside the boot tops?
Well literally a light run or two with the panel scriber and...

They be gone in a very clean fashion!

Did I mention I think she's got great legs?

Oddly enough, a combo and using the two scribers I have pictured above really help
with that pesky 'seam line across the hairdo' problem too.
In the pics below you may just be able to make out the seam line up the right,
across the top and down the left of the hair.

A swift bit of scratching back and forth with said scribers and...

It be gone.
Only a wee bit more work and the seam line that ran up the rear left of Adina's hair is also almost invisible at last.

So then, on to the last of the trimming up.
Some of the parts have the pour plugs still on them, thanks to good design in casting,
nearly all of these are located on the part joint faces.
One of which looks like this.

And after a bit of razor saw violence, a bit of scalpel picking and a lick over with a drum sanding
attachment on the motor tool, it is done and likewise on all the others.

One last thing to mention, one of the bits of left over moulding on the boots will be left untill the last moment,
otherwise I can foresee a few broken boot heels long before I am done.

So the seam line cleanup went without fuss, only took about 3 hours in total to sort all four if I recall correctly.
So the gals have now had their first bath (warm, soapy) and a good scrub and while they dry themselves off...

i have other things to attend to so that's ya lot for now.
See thee next update and go easy gang!!

Page 5...and that's all you need to know
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