Solarwind/Foxfire Studios Four Figure Build
1/7th Scale

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It's that time...

About Time They Got Dressed.

Hiya Gang!
Right then, in between pouring resin and rubber for the Talons it's back to the girls.
Flesh tones done and done so clothing time.

To begin with, Adina kinda has a green theme going on and Lisette,
going by the box art has something of a pale blue persuasion clothing wise.

For Adina, it all started with some hand brushed black green enamel.

And painting that in was a fun enough job in a masochistic sorta fashion.
So to build up the shading, it was drybrush time but first...
Or more precisely, liquid masking in the form of a brush-on latex.
Like this.

Made by Vallejo, same outfit as the paints I be a mainly using.
Brushes on white, dries clear, lovely.
This was duly plastered all over the bits I didn't want green on.
Namely, most of the pinky bits.

And then drybrush on varying shades of green.

Just a little pull and off came the masking.

Nice and sharp, most cool.
Lisette went through pretty much the same process except I chose medium blue over the pale.
So painted, masked and drybrushed...

Masking removed.


Then both gals were given a coat of acrylic flat varnish to seal the paintwork
and left to dry while I go off and get some lunch down me neck.

That worked out lovely and lunch was splendid so it's all good so far.

Now then, Lisette has like a silvery wire thing holding the clothing there
so after a wander through the paints, I came across some white gold acrylic.
Sort of silvery gold so why not I thought.

Also chose to fix that cloth like thing to the front and got painting.
After what seemed like too long in between caffeine breaks and
much working with the smallest brush I got, this was the result.

Oh yeah, that works.
Also about this time I decided to punch up the colouring on her clothing.
I used a drop or two of acrylic satin varnish along with
some pearl blue water colour I had in an artists set.

That as well as a quick going over with a fine wash of wine red to
give a sharp line between the minimal clothing and flesh.


Ok, on with Adina.
The sword belt was simply base black green but
she's got a goldish...framework I s'pose around the clothing.
This was given some acrylic brass treatment with gold insets and some gold accents here and there.

All in all, sorted to my satisfaction.

So then, what's next?...well...

The Eyes Have it.

First things first, both gals were given a wash of wine red in the eyes to outline them.

Then the white of the eyes were added, Adina was pure white and Lisette had a slightly blue white.

Another drop of wine red wash and just a dab of white to re-establish.

Finally, Lisette with green eyes and Adina with brown.
Simply done, dark green and brown respectively with a ring of lighter green and brown.

Simple finish up.
Dot of black for the pupils, a dab of white for a catch light in the eyes.
Gloss varnish, then the usual.
Eyeliner, eyebrows, pastel eye shadow, dab of pastel blusher,
dark pink pearl lippy for Lisette, light pink pearl for Adina.

Sorted and I think I like the effect!

Ok, not bad for a days work methinks. i'll deal with the hair later.

This will be the standard work up paint wise for Sorceress and Tannis so more on this next update.

That be ya lot for now me modeling muckas so you lot go easy as always untill next we meet in the hellhole!

Page 5...and that's all you need to know
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