Solarwind/Foxfire Studios Four Figure Build
1/7th Scale

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It's one of them situations...

A Hairy One So to Speak.

Rightyho then, time for some hairdo action
First a base colouring for the ladies, Adina has brown hair and Lisette gets the blond curly locks.
So first colouring, Adina was a mixture of some mahogany with just a drop of black.
Lisette was yellow ocher with just a dab of dark earth and brush applied.

Working up through the tones and drybrushing on.
For Adina, the stages were mahogany,
mahogany and light brown,
light brown and final light brown with just a tiny amount of foundation white.
For Lisette, the stages were yellow ocher,
Yellow ocher with golden yellow,
golden yellow, and finally golden yellow with just a touch of foundation white.

Just a wee thing here, a bit of feathering where the hair meets the scalp doesn't go amiss.
Just one of the mid hair colour's, a small brush and some very light stroking moves.

Some final small details, namely fingernails and hair clips.
Nails just done simply with the light flesh tone, hair clips that Lisette is sporting just acrylic copper.

And now I think the term is...

Lets Get Weaponized.

Yes they be gorgeous, they also be armed so to business here.
Lisette has a sheathed dagger and longsword carried on her shoulder.
Very nice resin castings.

The long sword blade has engraving on it, this was first painted silver.
Then the engraving was picked out in rich gold and a dry brush of silver again
and finally a wipe over with a teeny tiny amount of S&J metal powder.
The hilt and grip just simply painted, mahogany and black base,
dry brushed with pure mahogany, hilt and pommel in rich gold.

Dagger was just blue grey for the sheath, top and bottom of sheath done in red gold and outlined in rich gold.
Engraved detail in gold with rich gold accents.
Dagger grip was mahogany, hilt and pommel in rich gold.

Said bladed thingies duly positioned.

Now for Adina, a sheathed sword.
Simply painted white metal casting, main bulk of scabbard was enamel black green.

Top and bottom in acrylic rich gold, top had a wash of enamel gold
with black green and then a drybrush of acrylic rich gold.
Hand guard and pommel of the sword in acrylic brass, grip was done in ivory,
the red jewel was just acrylic clear red applied on top of the brass.

A dab of epoxy glue and the deed was done.

At this time both gals were secured to their bases and the final bit of
moulding flash between heel and sole of boot was removed.
Like on Adina here.

The area where the feet meet the base will require a minor amount of fiddling around with.
The bases will be painted and the boots will be the final deal once all the rest is attended to.

Well that's almost the bulk of the work on these two ladies done.

Lisette simply needs the base and boots sorted,
Adina do need her arms and falcon done then base and boots.

No real hardship and nicely timed as it's almost back to the Talon 100% time so
when they are done, this WiP will be on hold for a while.

But fear not, more to come as time goes on so you lot go easy and i'll see thee for the next update from the hellhole!

Page 5...and that's all you need to know
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