Solarwind/Foxfire Studios Four Figure Build
1/7th Scale

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Been a while...

And on with the last two...

Welcome back to the hellhole gang!
Apologies in advance for the pics, the exposure setting on me camera would just not sit bloody still!

Now last time we had two of these lovely lasses done so now onto the last brace of babes.
Well to get to it, starting with Tannis...

You remember, good lookin', well shapely, got an Egyptian thing going on?

You do?...excellent!

Ok then, so last time in just her base flesh colouring, that is the Vallejo medium flesh,
which oddly enough is darker then their dark flesh to the naked eye but anyway...
Here she be.

So out with the airbrush and some sunny flesh applied here and there.

After which, it was apply some matt varnish.
Then start working round the edges of clothing (minimal though it may be) and various costume parts.

Then after another coat of the matt stuff, flesh tone shading
with the redoubtable pastel chalks and a final matt coat to seal.

Okedoke then, so far so good.

Eye and face details painted along the same lines as
Adina and Lisette except this lass is a bit more bold in the colour's.
Eye shadow was just watercolour pearl paint with matt varnish.

Lips were Tamiya acrylic matt red with pink pearl watercolour paint and
matt varnish just added to the outer edges of the lips.
The metal work on that rather large and ornate headgear was started
with a base coat of acrylic brass with a drop of mahogany mixed in.

Likewise for the neck band and shoulder ...whatever they are supposed to be.

Then the band of detail just above the eyes was gone over with some red gold,
the band above it and the cobra thing were given a
going over with rich gold in an almost drybrush fashion.

Likewise the shoulder thingies and the metalwork outlined where it
meets flesh with a thin wash of enamel wine red and a dab of black.

The gemstone in the cobra hood is nothing more special than Tamiya clear red brush applied.

Now to the main headgear, enamel dark navy blue base with drybrushed same colour
with some matt white added just to bring out all that lovely sculpt detail.
Also a light touch of rich gold to the neck band

And finally, start the outline white for the clothing.

And that's that for now, more later I promise!
Go easy out there in modeling land you lot!!

Page 5...and that's all you need to know
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