Solarwind/Foxfire Studios Two Figure Build
1/7th Scale

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There are times I hate this job...
And times I enjoy it...

This Would Be One Of Those Times.

Greetings and good day folks and folkettes!
Well a while back I got this request from a client but couldn't do anything about it due to simply not having the time.
Now I do so here we jolly well go.

These two very lovely ladies are slated for a birthday present for a relative of said client.
Now the brief is a straight forward build/paint/pack/send thing so no great shakes.
And for once, no lighting of any sort required.
Makes a change.

Deposit paid in sharpish fashion.
So the requisite button punching on the now sadly gone Solarwind Model Site and credit card brought into play.

The two figures in question being Lisette and Alayne who turned up at my doorstep after a small delay but it's all good.
Now I did deal with the Lisette figure as part of my Four Figure Build WiP a couple of years back.
Another spin does no harm though so let's get to the opener and a kit part look see at like ya do.
Here be the said boxes of resin cast goodness.

So on to the contents.
One thing i'll mention here, good packaging.
Might not mean much to some but certainly carries some weight with me.
The Solarwind mob do not come up short here.
Lisette first up.

All bits nicely sealed in bubble wrap so pretty well protected.
A bit of cutting to get to the nub of the matter and so we have...
Arms, extra clothing part and sheathed dagger,
Long sword thoughtfully taped to some card to ensure it stays in one piece
And the body proper.

I always reckon that if you have a good base to work from then it makes it easier and way more enjoyable.

I think that says it better than I ever could.
On the air bubble side, only one found thus far under her chin but that's it.
No complaints here.

So Alayne...
The well packed parts.

The base and brief instruction/construction tips for the bow and arrow.
A very cleanly cast and pleasingly air bubble free base I might add.

So to the bits and bobs.
Couple of extra clothing parts, sheathed dagger and quiver strap part.
Bow, quiver, arrow head/fletching and some styrene rod for the arrow shaft.
Nice inlaid patterns on the quiver.
Definite candidate for earthy colour's and gold inlays methinks!
And a length of thread for the bowstring.
Small addition but still good thinking from the producers.

The arms and nicely sculpted/cast too.

The extra detail bits for the display base.
The booted legs.
And the body to finish.

Nice facial details and sculpting.

Well i've said it before and i'll say it again...
Top notch stuff all round as far as Solarwind products are concerned in my humble opinion for whatever it's worth.
This will make figures six and seven for me from the afore mentioned mob and no still complaints from this locale.
Value for money, also no complaints even if I didn't pay for these two particular ones.

Granted you can see some flash on the castings here and there but trust me, it damn thin and no hassle to get shot of.
Also granted the exception is where the pouring stubs are located but still no hassle.
All round pretty crisp moulding and no pumice stone consistency castings so on to a winner I reckon.

Anyway, got a personal weakness for seriously good looking, well armed women with pointy ears. Make of that what you will.

Well next update we'll get on with the inevitable cleanup and part fitting up.
That's for later so until then, you mob go easy and i'll see thee anon!

Page 8, Last of the figure bits...for now
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